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“To study the features of deviant behaviour in teenagers and to develop the system of psychoprophylaxis”
(research supervisor – Doctor of Medical Sciences T.Yu. Proskurina, 2007−2009 )

Prevalence and structure of deviant behaviour have been determined on the basis of study, carried out in 533 adolescents (pupils of general education schools), 78 adolescents from boarding-schools, and 276 teen-age patients with neurotic disorders.

Object of study: adolescents with deviant behaviour (schoolchildren, neglected children, adolescents with neurotic disorders, and pupils of general schools).
Objective: to develop a system for psychoprophylaxis of deviant behaviour in today’s adolescents, based on studying clinical forms, psychological peculiarities, and risk factors.
Methods: clinico-psychopathological, experimental-and-psychological (the Spilberger questionnaire, the House-Tree-Person test, Fantalova’s method, Yurieva-Bolbot screening-test).
Theoretical and practical results: there were determined the structure and rate of deviant behaviour in adolescents from the groups under study. Gender and age peculiarities of different forms of deviant behaviour were studied, and clinico-psychopathological, social, and psychological components of deviant behaviour in the mentioned adolescents were defined. There were also studied tolerance to stresses, the levels of neurotization and agressiveness in the adolescents studied. There were established some risk factors for the development of deviant behaviour.
Novelty: a novel technology of diagnosing clinical and non-clinical forms of deviant behaviour in adolescents was worked out,  a  system for psychoprophylaxis of deviant behaviour in adolescents was developed. Standards of curative-and-prophylactic activity for adolescents with different forms of deviant behaviour were proposed.
Effectiveness: the developed diagnostic technology and  the system for psychoprophylaxis of deviant behaviour facilitate solution of principal problems of medical and social steps in the primary and secondary prevention of deviant behaviour in adolescents, whichl contributes to improving the quality of life and social activity of the younger generation.
Application fields: practical work of psychiatrists, psychotherapeutists, neurologists, psychologists, pediatrists at in-and outpatient clinical departments, rehabilitation centers for adolescents with deviant behaviour, as well as practical work of school and family doctors.

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