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“To study the state of the enzyme system of reducing cytotoxic carbonyl metabolism products in pubertal rats and peculiarities of its modulation under stress”
(research supervisor – Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor V.V. Davydov, 2011-2013 yrs)

Object of study: 300 Wistar male rats of six age groups: gr.I - 0.5 -month -old (immature), gr.II - 1.5 -month-old (early puberty); gr.III - two -month-old (late puberty); gr.IV - three-month-old (early puberty ); gr.V - twelve- month-old (mature adults), and gr.VI - old animals (24 -month-olds). Animals of the 2-5 age groups were divided into two subgroups: gr.I - intact rats and gr.II - rats, subjected to immobilization stress.
Objective: to study the state of the system of aldehyde reductase utilization of endogenous aldehydes and to characterize the features of its modulation by stress in pubertal rats.
Methods: spectrophotometry in the visible and near ultraviolet spectrum regions (aldoketoreductase activity and albumin content), analytical electrophoresis, immunoenzymic method (blood testosterone determination), and statistical analysis.
Theoretical and practical results: our study has established that modulation of aldoketoreduсtase activity and spectrum in the organism takes place in the ontogeny. One of the causes of the phenomena is some changes in the secretion of testosterone as an inductor of certain aldoketoreductase isoenzymes. Isoenzymic composition of aldoketoreductases in the tissue of internal organs, characteristic of adolescence, provides in them an effective aldehyde reduction. But under stress, due to the process of its modulation and a concomitant decrease in aldoketoreductase activity, there occur conditions for inhibition of endogenous aldehydes utilization as well as for stress-induced damages of internal organs, which is more characteristic of the liver and the heart.
Novelty: the importance of the renewed reducing link in the utilization of carbonyl products of free radical oxidation for the changes in resistance to stress in puberty has been established.
Effectiveness: to optimize treatment and prevention of stress-related diseases by a directed modulation of carbonyl substances catabolism in the organism.
Fields of application: research institutions, engaged in the field of age-related and medical biochemistry.

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