Адреса: 61153, м. Харків, пр. Ювілейний, 52-А

Сотрудники отдела школьной гигиены

The scientists of the department are fruitfully working on solving actual problems in the field of hygiene of children and adolescents, school medicine.

The main areas of research of the department are the study of the influence of environmental factors on the body of schoolchildren, automated monitoring of children's health and primary prevention of non-communicable diseases in a general educational institution, the definition of evidence-based medical criteria for individual and population health of school-age children, measures for its preservation and strengthening.

In addition, specialists of the department investigate the influence of the educational process and pedagogical innovations, determine their role in shaping the health of students, for which a system has been developed for quantitative assessment of the level of hygienic well-being of a general educational institution. The qualitative features of the health status of children are determined depending on the influence of medical and social factors within the school environment.

Over the past years, social and hygienic monitoring of the quality of life, age and sex characteristics of the development of health-saving and health-forming behavior of schoolchildren in the city and rural areas has been systematically carried out.


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