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The Institute has a Scientific Council

Ученый совет - 2010

The past 26 years the Scientific Council chaired by the director of the Institute, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Honored Scientist of Ukraine Nikolay Korenev. Deputy Chairman of the Academic Council from 1986 to the present, is a doctor of medicine, professor Elena Plekhova - Deputy Director for Science, Academic Secretary - MD Victoria Dynnik.

The Academic Council (approved by the Presidium of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine № 1/4 of 21.01.2010 and the order of the Director of the Institute № 21 of 12.02.2010) are:

  • Natalia Bagatskaya - Head of the Laboratory of Medical Genetics, Dr. biol. Sciences;
  • Lyudmila Bogmat - Head of department cardiorheumatology MD, Prof.;
  • Elena Budreyko - Head of the Department of Endocrinology, MD;
  • Vadim Davydov - Head of the Laboratory of Endocrinology age, MD. Prof.;
  • Georgiy Danilenko - head of the department of hygiene of school children and adolescents, MD;
  • Sophia Levenets - Head of the Department of Pediatric Gynecology, MD, Prof.;
  • Irina Lebets - senior research fellow of cardiorheumatology, MD, Prof.;
  • Oleg Mayorov - Chief Scientific Officer, MD, Prof.;
  • Elena Nosova - Chief Physician, MD;
  • Tatiana Proskurina - Head of the Department of Psychiatry, MD;
  • Tatyana Sidorenko - senior researcher of the scientific organization of care children and teenagers, MD;
  • Natalia Shlyakhova - Head of the Laboratory of Clinical Immunology, MD;
  • Lyudmila Parkhomenko - Head of Adolescent Medicine KhMAPE, MD, Prof.;
  • Larissa Strashok - Professor of Adolescent Medicine KhMAPE, MD,;
  • Tatyana Fomina - patentor.

At the meetings of the Academic Council discussed the most pressing issues of the various aspects of the scientific activity of the Institute: identification of promising research activities, development of basic research, modern scientific achievements and prospects for implementation of new work methods, analysis of the implementation of research and publishing activities of the Institute, the scientific information, patent-licensing work, training of highly qualified personnel, the state of the Clinic and polyclinic advisory and measures to improve international cooperation, implementation of the results of research in public health practice, the issues of the commissions established by the Scientific Council of the Institute.

When the Academic Council are 4 committee:

  1. Problem Commission of institute: chairman - MD, Prof. L. Bogmat;
  2. Commission to assess the implementation of the results of scientific research and dissertations: chairman - MD, Prof. E. Plekhova;
  3. Commission to verify the primary documentation of theses: chairman - Sc.D. N. Bagatskaya;
  4. The Commission on the effective use of scientific and information resources: chairman - MD М. Vodolazhskiy.

Богмат Л.Ф. Плехова Е.И. Коренев Н.М. Дынник В.А. Майоров О.Ю. Левенец С.А. Страшок Л.А. Шляхова Н.В. Лебец И.С. Проскурина Т.Ю. Багацкая Н.В. Даниленко Г.Н. Пархоменко Л.К. Давыдов В.В. Сидоренко Т.П. Будрейко Е.А. Фомина Т.В. Носова Е.М.

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