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“To substantiate the scope of providing medical services to children in rural locality by general practioners/family doctors”
(research supervisor – Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor M.M. Korenev, 2008−2010 yrs)

The completed research work, carried out within the limits of the intersectoral complex program “Health of the nation”, made it possible to improve the system of medical care of children in the rural locality on the principles of family medicine.

Object of study: the system of providing medical assistance to children of rural locality by general practitioners/family doctors.
Objective: improving medical assistance rendering to children from rural locality on the principles of family medicine.
Methods: complex medical examinations, copying out the data from medical documents, photo- and autotiming, interviews and questioning, and statistical.
Theoretical and practical results: there was established a dependence of the scope of medical assistance rendering on a family doctor's prior professional specialization. There was analyzed the structure and forms of the family doctor's activities during 24 hours and during a week; there was established duration of carrying out the principal parts of his work. The structure of appeals to a family doctor for aid, as well as factors that influence the contentment of the population with his work were studied. Some measures directed on rising accessibility and quality of medical assistance to the children of rural locality were suggested. A technology for planning a family doctor's working day concerning rendering medical assistance to children was worked out.
Novelty: the necessary scope of medical assistance rendering by a family doctor to children of rural locality was substantiated.
Effectiveness: improving medical and diagnostic assistance rendering to children in rural locality.
Field of application: family medicine.

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