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“To study the role of insulin resistance in the development of damages while forming organs and systems in children and adolescents with obesity”
(research supervisor – Doctor of Medical Sciences O.A. Budreiko, 2011-2013 yrs)

Object of study: the signs of disorders in organs and systems in children and adolescents with obesity (Ob).
Objective: to improve the methods for prevention of a complicated Ob course in children and adolescents by specification of socio- psychological, hormonal and metabolic (HM) as well as immunologic risk factors.
Methods: biochemical, immunologic, radioimmunoassay, and instrumental.
Theoretical and practical results: disorders in somatic and sexual development, a significant prevalence of microcirculatory disturbances (MD) and arterial hypertension (AH), cerebrovascular and psychopathologic alterations along with hepatopathy have been revealed in children and adolescents with Ob. It has been established that already in childhood Ob is accompanied by significant changes in metabolic processes. Close relationships have been found between metabolic, hormonal and immunologic changes and insulin resistance (IR), the presence of which caused formation of a complicated Ob course with an increased frequency of AH and MD, cerebrovascular disorders and psychopathology, along with pathology of the hepatobiliary system. The most important risk factors for a complicated Ob course in children and adolescents are: the presence of IR and dyslipidemia as well as a low birth weight and an early occurrence of Ob, which causes a long-term duration of metabolic disorders.
Novelty: the role of different pathogenic factors in the formation of Ob complications has been defined, namely: activation of sympathoadrenal system, causing formation of AH, anxious and depressive disorders; oxidative imbalance, giving rise to MD; IR, hyperinsulinemia and atherogenic dyslipidemia, causing hepatopathy. Some peculiarities in various links of immunity, the character of production of pro-and anti-inflammatory cytokines, their relation to IR and vascular disorders predictors in children with Ob have been ascertained.
Effectiveness: the study has defined the role of IR and related with it hormonal, metabolic and immunologic factors in the formation of disorders in certain organs and systems in children with Ob of different age and gender, which will make possible to substantiate the technology for prevention of cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and other serious Ob complications in the future.
Fields of application: endocrinology and pediatrics.

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