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“To determine gender and age features of secondary school pupils mental capacity for improving medico-prophylactical measures concerning educational activity of schollchildren”
(research supervisor – Doctor of Medical Sciences G.M. Danylenko, 2009−2011 yrs)

Gender- and age-related peculiarities as well as medico social features of fatigue and symptoms development have been defined in the pupils of middle school during their educational activity on the basis of the studying daily weekly, and yearly mental capacity dynamics at three educational institutions.

Object of study: health status, physical development, mental capacity of 326 pupils of the grammar school No. 14 in Kharkiv in the dynamics of learning in the middle school (from the fifth to ninth grade).
Objective: to improve the hygienic control , as well as medical and prophylactic measures for organizing learning activities of schoolchildren on the basis of determining sex-and age-related medical and social peculiarities of the mental capacity in children during their studies in the middle school.
Methods: sanitary, sociohygienic, physiological and hygienic, clinical, sociopsychological, and statistical.
Theoretical and practical results: gender- and age-related , as well as medicosocial features of fatigue and fatigue symptoms were determined in the middle school pupils during learning activities basing on the analysis of daily, weekly and annual dynamics of their mental capacity. The nature of impact of learning activities organization , sanitary conditions, physical and sexual development, health and emotional status disorders on task performance in schoolchildren has been established in the study. A computerized system for evaluating mental capacity has also been worked out.
Novelty: the impact of pubertal development level on the dynamics of mental capacity in schoolchildren was proved.
Effectiveness: modification of a hygienic control system over pedagogical innovations adoption, prevention of overfatigue in the middle school pupils, as well as improvement of their adaptation to school and psychoemotional status.
Fields of application: hygiene of children and adolescents, educational institutions, medical psychology, pediatrics.

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