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“To improve the system of employing information resources of the global communicative network in the field of children and adolescents health care”
(research supervisor – Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor M.M. Korenev, 2009−2011)

 Internet information resources on the issues of pediatrics and  school & adolescent medicine have been studied   on   the sites of Ukraine (645), Russia (273), and the leading countries of the world (313) with the use of information and analytical methods, WEB-metry, content-analysis, and patent analytical methods, as well as  sociological questioning of 500 experts (physicians and researchers, being engaged in the sphere of children and adolescents health care).


Research object : Internet information resources (scientific medical and patent information) in pediatrics, school and adolescent medicine, represented on the sites of Ukraine and the world’s leading countries, and their employment  by specialists of different professional groups, working in the field of children and adolescents health care.
Objective: to improve the use of the advanced information and communication technologies in the field of children and adolescents health care.
Methods: information analytics, WEB-metry, patent statistics, content analysis, sociological opinion poll, expert evaluation, as well as mathematical statistics.
Theoretical and practical results: Internet “nuclear zone”  of the sites concerning school and adolescent medicine (databases of medical literature, medical libraries, and publishers, websites of international organizations, professional associations, universities, national departments  on the issues of public health care) has been established in the study. Completeness of the represented electronic documents (full- text, abstracts, and bibliographic) was revealed, and variants of access methods were systematized (public, commercial, and mixed).  Topical orientation of information resources as regards health of children and adolescents has been established, and the leading countries in engineering of electronic resources for pediatrics, school and adolescent medicine were singled out.
Novelty:  our study has revealed objective and subjective factors that influence the use of Internet in the professional activities. An algorithm for the search of professional information has been designed as well as organizational & methodological measures have been  developed to optimize the use of information resources in the specialists’ healthcare activity for children and adolescents.
Application fields:   scientific  information  and    science of science.


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