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“To study peculiarities in development of female sexual system functioning and the principal factors causing initiation of its disorders under existing conditions in adolescent girls residing in rural locality or in a large industrial center”
(research supervisor – Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor S.O. Levenets, 2008−2011 yrs)

The research work which provided an opportunity to establish age-related standards of sexual maturation in girls has been carried out within the frames of the program “Reproductive health up to 2015 yr”.

Object of study: sexual development and menstrual function in adolescent girls.
Objective: to determine the timing and rates of sexual function formation, the incidence and structure of its disorders, and to single out the principal risk factors for these disorders development in adolescent girls, depending on the place of their residence.
Theoretical and practical results: peculiarities in the formation of the female reproductive system function have been defined in the girls at present, the difference between the findings obtained and similar indices of thirty years’ standing has been revealed, the correlation between puberty and physical development has been confirmed, as well as the incidence and character of menstrual function and sexual maturation disorders in girls in rural and urban areas have also been determined.
Novelty: there have been established some peculiarities of the reproductive system function formation in adolescent girls residing in rural areas and large industrial centers in modern society. The tables of prognostic risk factors as regards disorders of menstrual function disorders in girls who live in large industrial centers and rural areas have been worked out.
Effectiveness: application of the prognostic tables and methodological recommendations will provide an opportunity to conduct an active primary prophylaxis regarding puberty and menstrual function disorders in girls, residing in different socio-ecological conditions, timely diagnose certain disturbances of the menstrual cycle in said groups, taking into consideration places of their residence.
Fields of application: pediatric and adolescent gynecology.

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