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“To develop a technology of suicidal behavior psychoprophylaxis in adolescents with mental nonpsychotic disorders”
(research supervisor – Doctor of Medical Sciences T.Yu. Proskurina, 2010−2011 yrs)

The research project was carried out according to the program “Health of the nation”. The share of suicidal behaviour in adolescents with neuro-psychic disorders, established in the course of the work fulfilment, came to 12.3 %.

Object of study: suicidal behavior in adolescents.
Objective: to improve prophylaxis of suicidal behavior in adolescents with mental nonpsychotic disorders.
Methods: semi-structured interviews, test for determining the level of neurotization according to Mendelevich, pathodiagnostic Lichko questionnaire, Boyko’s test for determining the depression level, Columbian suicide scale.
Theoretical and practical results: a chip-card for examination of adolescent patients has been designed in view of socio-demographic, biological, psychological, clinical and psychopathological characters of suicidal behavior formation. Clinico-psychopathological and psychological characteristics of suicidal behavior in adolescence have been defined. Certain risk factors that cause suicidal behavior formation in patients with non-psychotic mental disorders have been singled out.
Novelty: prognostic criteria of the risk of suicidal behavior formation in adolescents with different mental non-psychotic disorders have been highlighted. A technology for providing psychoprophylactic assistance to adolescents with suicidal behavior has been developed.
Effectiveness: early diagnosis and decreasing the risk of suicidal behavior formation, improving the mental health of the younger generation.
Fields of application: pediatric and adolescent psychiatry, social pediatrics, school medicine, and psychology.

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