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“To develop psychological and hygienic measures for maintain the health of vocational schools’ students”
(research supervisor – Doctor of Medical Sciences G.M. Danylenko, 2009−2011 yrs)

The research work has been carried out within the framework of intersectoral program “Health of the nation”. On the basis of complex medical examination of the students in technical-vocational institutions by researchers of the SI “ICAHC NAMS” there were established high rates of total pathological prevalence (2026,5 ‰), especially in girls (2164,4 ‰ against 1621,9 ‰ in boys).

Research object: the impact of teaching and training environment on the health of vocational schools (VS) students.
Objective: to improve the system of psychological and hygienic measures for prevention of unfavorable effect of teaching and training environment on the health of VS students.
Methods:  screening-estimation of health and physical development of students in vocational schools (n=300), questioning as regards formed habits of the healthy way of life and its quality, vocational ability as well  as assessment of  illumination, air and humidity levels, sanitary and hygienic description of the working spaces.
Theoretical and practical results: the health and physical development states of VS students were defined, the peculiarities of the day-time regime were established, the notions on risk factors for teaching and training environment were expanded, and subjective assessment by VS students of the risk for their own health was also shown in our study. Certain features in the attitude of teenagers to their health, to the chosen profession, and to the process of  studying at VS were revealed. Quality of life related to health, degree of professional training, and bad habits among VS students have  been  established . Index- estimation of VS sanitary and hygienic safety has been worked out.
Novelty: a novel subjective estimation by teenagers of the risk factors at the teaching and training environment has been determined, methodological guidelines to prevent unfavorable effects of said environment on the state of health in adolescents, as well as index estimation of VS sanitary and hygienic safety have been worked out.
Effectiveness: the use of the developed index- estimation of sanitary and hygienic safety at the teaching and training environment will make it possible to quantitatively compare various vocational schools. The proposed methods for subjective perception by adolescents   of the risk factors of teaching and working environment  concerning their own health make it possible to perform individual-oriented prophylactic activity and optimize the process of VS students’ adaptation to a working environment ,which will help to maintain their health.
Application fields: hygiene of children and adolescents, vocational education, medical psychology,  and pediatrics.


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