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“To work out an efficient system of step-by-step (in-patient clinic - polyclinic - sanatorium) treatment of osteoarthrosis in adolescents and to estimate the course of the disease development in the process of long-term retrospective and prospective observation of patients”
(research supervisor – Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor I.S. Lebets, 2011-2013 yrs)

Object of study: osteoarthrosis (OA) in patients aged 12-23 yr, which occurred in adolescence.
Objective: to improve the prophylaxis of OA progress in adolescents on the basis of a stage-by-stage differentiated treatment and the principles of regular medical observation of patients with regard to the therapy quality.
Methods: clinical, radiographic, ultrasound examination of the joints, immunological, biochemical, radioimmunoassay, a retrospective analysis of medical records, and statistical.
Theoretical and practical results: certain characteristic features of OA evolution during the long-term process in adolescents have been established. Under regular treatment in most (65.8 %) of our patients some positive changes have been revealed in the disease manifestations. Our study has established that inclusion of sanatorium and resort stage in the process of rehabilitation increases the frequency of positive treatment effects and reduces the incidence of chromosomal aberrations. But the presence of degenerative OA changes has been found in 20% of our patients despite regular treatment. So the obtained data demonstrate a necessity for a long-term and regular conservative treatment of patients with OA, starting from adolescence, with a constant use of the outpatient stage and periodic (every 2 years) sanatorium rehabilitation.
Novelty: a novel stage-by-stage treatment system has been designed for adolescents with OA, taking into account some peculiarities in the disease evolution and quality of therapy. An algorithm for a long-term treatment of adolescents with different variants of OA course, based on the stages of medical support, has been presented. The technology for the treatment at sanatoria and health resorts for adolescents with OA has been proposed.
Effectiveness: some criteria concerning OA unfavorable course and for positive treatment effectiveness have been worked out on the basis of a long-term medical supervision. Rational tactics of regular medical observation of adolescents with OA has been substantiated.
Fields of application: pediatric out-patient clinics, polyclinics for adults, cardiologic prophylactic centers, therapeutic and cardiologic departments of in-patient clinics, sanatoria.

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