Адреса: 61153, м. Харків, пр. Ювілейний, 52-А

“To study intrinsic notions concerning the health of adolescents with sexual development delay, and to determine parental influence on their formation for improving psychological constituent in rehabilitation of sick adolescents”
(research supervisor – Cand of Sc. (Psychology) G.V. Kukuruza, 2009−2011 yrs)

Some features in the intrinsic pattern of health have been defined in adolescents with sexual development delay in the course of the research fulfilment. Certain peculiarities in attitude of parents to the health of their children have been revealed. An algorithm for estimation of adolescents notions concerning their own health with consideration of parental position influence has been worked out.

Object of study: intrinsic notions as regards their health in adolescents with delayed sexual development (DSD).
Objective: to improve the technology for assessment of intrinsic notions about health in adolescents with DSD taking into consideration parental attitude to the health of teenage patients.
Methods: methodology of studying intrinsic pattern of the disease, colour test of relations, semistructured interview for adolescents with DSD and for their parents.
Theoretical and practical results: certain features in the attitude to their health in adolescents with DSD, some peculiarities of the intrinsic pattern of health in the discussed group of teenagers of both sexes, depending on the age and level of sexual development delay, as well as the characters of the parents' attitude to the health of their children have been determined in the study. The types of parental attitude to the health of adolescent patients with DSD have been described, and an algorithm for evaluation of teenagers’ notions concerning their own health, with due regard for the influence of parental position, was worked out in the study.
Novelty: a novel approach to parental relation impact on the intrinsic pattern of health in teenagers with DSD has been determined, and the types of parental attitude to their health were singled out.
Effectiveness: the application of the developed algorithm concerning evaluation of notions on their health by teenagers with the account of parental position will optimize the process of diagnosing and contribute to improving a psychological component in the process of rehabilitation of adolescents with DSD.
Fields of application: clinical psychology, developmental psychology, pediatrics.

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