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“To improve the system for preserving and maintaining the health in children under conditions of present-day institutions of general education”
(research supervisor – Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor M.M. Korenev, 2011-2013 yrs)

Object of study: organization of medical support of schoolchildren.
Objective: improvement of the system of diseases prevention in schoolchildren of present-day educational institutions to increase the quality of their life and facilitate their adaptation to the learning activity.
Methods: distribution of questionnaires among schoolchildren of the basic secondary school, parents, teachers and administrators of 9 institutions of general education, copying of primary medical and pedagogical information, individual interviews and focus groups.
Theoretical and practical results: a steady deterioration in the health of children regarding most classes of diseases has been registered in the last decade. New approaches to organization of medical examinations were used in the study, and a qualimetric model for the assessment of medical examinations has been obtained. The leading role of school medical staff has been outlined regarding formation of health-caring basic, interdisciplinary, and professional competences of all participants of the teaching and educational process. Methodological recommendations for improving organization of medical support of students in the institutions of general education, as well as a teaching program for doctors and medical nurses concerning school activity on the basis of a friendly approach to students, have been worked out.
Novelty: the model for preventive activity, based on the network relationships of social institutions of family, school and health care (a "virtual consulting room ") has been proposed. The system for social- hygienic monitoring the health of students has been developed to optimize medico-prophylactic work in educational institutions. It includes quantitative and qualitative assessment of training and living conditions of the students and a three-level evaluation of the physical, somatic, psychological, and social components of health.
Effectiveness: the use of new approaches to the organization of medical examinations has improved the level of revealing the diseases.
Fields of application: school and adolescent medicine, pediatrics, institutions of general education, institutions of sanitation.

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